I’m John Moser, Editor of Stereo Analogue England takes on the 1970s – a semi-annual paper publication addressing cultural and political issues from a distant turbulent time, which went some way, along with the 1960s and 1980s, to shape the world we inhabit today.

The theme of the magazine can be summarized as follows: a musical Granta with heart and soul, containing a series of essays on various subjects from the period 1970-1979. Also included will be photography and illustration.

There are two further and final parallel titles in development: Mono Analogue England – takes on the 1960s (Publisher – tbc), and Stereo Digital England – takes on the 1980s (Publisher – tbc), each with full international publishing rights available (respective English edition publisher to own & direct same). Websites www.monoanalogue.com and www.stereodigital.net have already been secured.

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The total IPPR charge, per overseas territory, will be a token consideration of 100 GBP. Rights will be sold outright i.e. without a recurring licence. Expressions of interest should be sent to the John Moser-Publisher email address stated below.

14/01/23: rights to all territories worldwide remain available.

The entire international operation will be run on a devolved, independent basis, with investments, corporate structures or major shareholdings unwilling to be entertained.

Paper publishing rights terms to Mono Analogue – takes on the 1960s – and Stereo Digital – takes on the 1980s – will be administered by the publisher of the respective English edition (see above). Expressions of interest in worldwide publishing rights to both Mono Analogue – takes on the 1960s & Stereo Digital – takes on the 1980s – should be sent in the first instance to the John Moser-Publisher email address stated below.


Should you wish to integrate your own website into www.stereoanalogue.com on a /territoryname basis, do contact me in the first instance regarding website specifics – animation, JavaScript libraries etc.

Website developer Steven Cornes at Southampton Web Design will be handling the technicalities.

NB: local websites appended to www.stereoanalogue.com may result in content moderation, due to my legal responsibilities as owner of the entire website. A matter for civilized discussion. IDPR to merge w/ IPPR for stand-alone websites.



Physical Properties

  • A5 portrait; perfect bind
  • Full colour covers; b/w throughout
  • Title Page
  • Contents Page
  • Contributor Notes
  • Editorial
  • 100 pages written content (2,000 words/article x15 contributors)
  • 15 pages photography
  • 15 pages illustration
  • 20 pages advertising


Written Contributions

  • Kindly contact me per editor email below if you are interested in contributing an article
  • 2,000 words maximum per article
  • 500 GBP/article estimated contributor payment

Local Advertising Rate

  • Issue advertising rate is a flat 200 GBP + VAT @ 20% per full A5 portrait page or 100 GBP + VAT @ 20% per half A5 portrait page
  • Black & white reproduction only
  • Do contact me via publishing email below to discuss further


Publishing Miscellany

  • The publication will be made available on a semi-annual basis, in January & July
  • Each Editor will be responsible for a total of three issues at a time; expressions of interest in editing issue #s 4 to 6 should thus be directed to me by email below
  • Publishing funds currently being sought; potential investors should contact me by publishing email below; total amount required to cover first three issues’ production costs: 70,000 GBP


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Graphic Designtbc
Website DesignSteven Cornes (NSNL)
Southampton Web Design
Website Development & MaintenanceSteven Cornes (NSNL)
Southampton Web Design
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    Retail Price & Distribution

    The retail price of the publication will be 8.99 GBP.

    Publication distribution is innovative. Individuals within three high-street alternative sectors are currently sought, along with conventional record shops & bookshops:

    1. The Motor Trade (Independent Garages)

    2. The (Vinyl & Compact Disc) Record Industry

    3. The (Printed Matter) Publishing Industry

    for the purpose of hand-to-hand sales.

    A 30% cut of cover price income is on offer to both outlets and individuals.

    Do contact me via publishing email above to discuss the matter further.

    Publisher Details & Credits

    • To Be Published By – Main Objective Ltd – Commercial Publishing Services; company registration # 03197184; director John F. Moser; VAT # 810-0644-79; registered in England
    • www.mainobjective.com
    • ISSN 2632-3567
    • Customer Settlements – Bank Account Details: Account Name – Main Objective Ltd; Bank – Santander Business Plc; Account # 41521385; Sort Code 09-06-66; IBAN GB96ABBY09066641521385; BIC ABBYGB2LXXX
    • Cover Art – provided by Google Images; copyrights remain those of the artists concerned
    • Creative Locations 2018-2022 – (all London, England) – Edgware, NW9; Harlesden, NW10; Golders Green, NW11; Palmers Green, N13
    • Gallery & Slideshows – dedicated to Messrs David Braid & Vincent Reid, who similarly held it all together for many years on Hornsey Road – a deep impression made on all concerned
    • Outlets (Archive) & Media Past (Ally In Exile: Julian Winship) – Emporia 1985-1995 (all London, England): Dobell’s, WC2 / Honest Jon’s, W10 / Mole Jazz, WC1 / On The Beat, W1 / Ray’s Jazz Shop, WC2 / Record & Tape Exchange, NW1+W11 / Reckless Records, N1+W1 / Rough Trade, W10 / Soul Jazz, W1 / Stern’s African Record Centre, W1 / 50 Dean St, W1; John Peel’s Radio Programme, BBC Radio 1, 1985-1990; The New Musical Express 1985-1988; The Wire, 1987-1990
    • Other Relevant Outlets & Press – Alan’s Records, Dub Vendor & Juno Records; Blues & Soul Magazine
    • Relevant Venues (Overview) – The Jazz Cafe & The 100 Club
    • Do also consult the Main Review England website
    • www.stereoanalogue.com is hosted by Hooble, administered by the WordPress system and utilizes Tobias Bäthge’s TablePress; thanks also to Mark Mulrooney (previous incarnation)
    • Website originally completed November 2019; revamped September 2022; last updated – 25th Septembr 2023
    • And a final acknowledgement to Tom Verlaine (decd) – for inspiring it all in a high art > main street fashion a long time ago

    U.S. Credits

    With thanks to YouTube and its content providers & facilitators for providing the life-vital jukebox of recent times, along with WikipediA and AllMusic – information sources of a sine qua non nature.

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